Patient Information

Dr Hirides is a laparoscopic surgeon and among the first from his generation to use the da Vinci robotic system for General Surgery procedures. He performs most of the procedures from General Surgery including thyroid surgery, breast surgery, robotic (Single Incision) cholecystectomy, laparoscopic appendectomy, laparoscopic adhesiolysis, laparoscopic inguinal (TEP) and ventral hernia surgery and perianal (hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas) and pilonidal disease surgery. He has all necessary equipment for resection of nevi and other skin tumors using radio frequency ablation at his office in the center of Athens (Kolonaki) at reasonable fees. He speaks English fluently but he can also communicate in French, German and Czech languages.


For appointments, please communicate with his secretary Ms M.Dessypri (00302107257522, mobile: 0030 6971 571 880).