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20-6-2013, Vienna

Savas Hirides participated as a speaker in the 21st International Congress of the European Association for Laparoendoscopic Surgery (EAES). His presentation was entitled "Robotic treatment of rectovesical fistula". Presented operations had been performed by Dr.Konstantinidis, Chief of our clinic in Athens Medical Center. Same team presented 3 e-posters plus a series of gynecologic videos presented by Dr.Petros Hirides with the title "Robotic single-site endometrioma excision". — withSavas Hirides at HOFBURG Vienna.


Savas C Hirides as an invited speaker of the Hellenic Association of Greek Medical Students of Medicine for the seminar entitled "Essentials on Scientific Papers editing : a practical workshop ". The seminar took place in the amphitheater of the Library of Athens Medical School.

His lecture was entitled "Simple steps on writing a scientific paper using electronic platforms"

Dr.Hirides also participated in the award ceremony for best papers during the 19th meeting of the Hellenic Society of Medical Students.

Finally, he will moderate one of the two teams of authors comprised by 8 students and selected by lot among 64 applicants.
Every team will work on a specific subject for the next 6 months aiming towards publication to scientific journals.


Savas Hirides as an invited speaker in the 8th Panhellenic Congress of Morbid Obesity. His speech was entitled : "Follow up of bariatric patients. Can the internet help?". Dr Hirides presented a series of recent studies (mainly from nutritional-behavioral web-based programs) and explained that the experience from such programs is still limited. Although technology apprears to facilitate follow up of the obese patient who wants to avoid frequent visits to the outpatient department, occasional contact with the bariatric team is of outmost importance.

Besides being an invited speaker, Dr.Hirides participated in the voting process for the new Board of Hellenic Bariatric Society.


Savvas Hirides participates in the first Robotic Procedures in Doverie Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria as a member of Dr.Konstantinidis team. Dr Konstantinidis has initiated Robotic Programs in many countries an official proctor from Intuitive Surgical.